EWS Analyzer device

Different stages of development of diseases are known.

In a living organism, changes occur at the bioinformational and bioenergetic level at the earliest, then at molecular and cellular levels. These changes do not even call attention to any symptoms, so our senses do not indicate any illness. Only later, when damage is so high that it affects the function of one or more organs we detect abnormalities that are often ignored.

These include signs such as tiredness, restlessness, minor sleep disturbances, headaches, loss of appetite or constant hunger and voracity and so on.

The EWS Analyzer device allows to compare the resonance database stored in your computer with the body's values - even before the disease develops - to get a picture of changes in your body.

Mi ezt nevezzük valódi prevenciónak!

Az elektromágneses hullámok, melyek az emberi szervezetből távoznak, pontosan utalnak a test állapotára, hiszen eltérő mintázatot mutatnak, ha a működésükben bármilyen változás bekövetkezik. Amennyiben meg tudjuk határozni ezeket a mintázatokat, akkor nagy eséllyel meg tudjuk határozni a test állapotát is, illetve az elektromágneses hullámok összehasonlításából következtetni tudunk rá.

From 1975, it was technically possible to measure ultrasonic bioelectronic signs of cells. The results demonstrated that damaged cells emit other impulses than healthy ones. Due to the high degree of development of computing, it has been possible to measure and compare the electrical activity of each cell / body from the 1980's.


The EWS Test Analyzer is a program that lets you measure your current physical condition.

The device integrates bioinformatics, and electronics, and other sciences. Theoretical basis  is quantum physics. The device uses the most advanced electronic techniques to assess and collect weak, unbalanced magnetic fields of body cells for analysis. Based on the survey, the tester receives a picture of the physical and energetic state of the person being tested. However, the test results are no diagnostic value they are only for information purposes. The test made with The EWS Analyzer  is non-invasive and can quickly measure the functioning of the human body.

How does the EWS Analyzer work?

The frequency patterns in the EWS Analyzer - as reference values - are compared with the current values measured in the body, from which can be anticipated the state of the processes in your body.

Advantages of the EWS Analyzer:

  • In less than a minute, it provides information about body condition.
  • It is extremely easy and quick to see the processes that are taking place in the body, even before problems appear on biochemical or structural level.

The EWS Analyst is surprisingly easy to use

Throughout development of our products, we have been striving to make it easy for any of our devices to be handled. – It is also applied to the EWS Analyzer. The device is simple, fast, economical and easy to use –  and anybody can handle it and the parameters related to detailed descriptions help anyone in the evaluation of the results.

The EWS Analyzer performs statistical analyses strictly in accordance with the scientific methods. Its accuracy can reach up to 90%, which can be considered excellent in its category.

As a result of less than one-minute analysis, we can get a picture of the current and prevalent condition of the person being tested in about 32 categories of survey.

Depending on the result of the analysis, the device provides possibilities of EWS Frequency therapy devices offered that we can apply these possibilities the most effective way.

Based on the EWS Body Testing Survey results, you can get detailed information about the following areas:

  • Heart and blood circulation system
  • Gastrointestinal functions
  • Liver and Gall functions
  • Heart and brain circulation system
  • Pancreas functions
  • Kidney functions
  • Lung functions
  • Brain and nerves
  • Bones
  • Meridians
  • Rheumatoid bone disease
  • Blood sugar
  • Physical state
  • Poison, Toxins
  • Trace elements, Vitamins
  • Prostate
  • Breast analysis
  • Men's Sexual Features
  • Gynecology
  • Skin
  • Hormonal System
  • Immune system
  • Heavy metals
  • Eyes Functions
  • Obesity
  • Amino acids
  • Ears
  • Allergens
  • Thyroid gland
  • Coenzymes
  • Connective tissue collagen


Performance of the Test

  • Tell the person to be tested to relax, speak and breathe evenly during the test.
  • Ask the tested person to place his right palm on the EWS Test Analyzer.
  • During testing, do not touch the skin of the person are being testing his or her hands must be placed, on the device normally and be careful not to shake.
  • After the test is complete, the device must be cleaned to protect its condition and hygienic.


  • Keep the test room clean, keep the room quiet and pay attention to the safe usage of electrical devices.
  • Before testing, metallic communication devices (eg: mobile phones) must be removed near the body of the person being tested.
  • Customer with Pacemaker, children under 10 and pregnant individuals MUST NOT be tested!
  • During the testing process, the treatment rules must be strictly observed.
  • When there is no test, the device must be kept unplugged in order to maintain its condition.


  • The person tested should not drink alcohol, coffee or other stimulating beverages before testing.
  • Customers should lead normal daily activities and sleep normally (relax) for 2 days before testing.
  • If a heavy job was done, relax must be taken placed for 1-2 hours before testing.
  • Stomach should not be full but should not be empty loose and casual clothing should be worn.
  • Remove metal objects and communication devices from the body before testing.
  • Relax, do not talk and breathe evenly during testing.

RULES referring to the Tester

  • The EWS Body Testing Technique is very accurate so the tester should be open-minded and make an effort to learn and learn, actively acquire more experience and continuously improve testing technique.
  • During testing, the tester should be calm and kind give his or her sympathy to the person being tested.
  • Prior to testing, the tester should measure the body / height and weight of the person being tested.
  • The tester is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, secure storage of data and strict confidentiality of the EWS Test Analyst.


  • The device is not a medical device based on the manufacturer’s statement.
  • The test results serve as a reference only, but they do not have a medical diagnostic value, so they do not substitute a medical diagnosis.