The Western medicine continuously work against time. Generally, they notice a disease when it is causing more serious complaints. Unfortunately, only few people know that the severity of a disease and how it deteriorates the quality of life it depends largely on the stage at which it is discovered. An early-observed change can be treated much more simply, cost-effectively, and faster than a multifaceted, multi-organ effecting and escalated disease.

At Energy Wave System, we know how important the prevention is, in this spirit, we are determined to provide information to as many people as possible so that more people can get to know our unique system.

We want everybody to know that the future of medicine is the prevention!

Prevention has moved into an innovative form: EWS NLS device

The NLS biophysical device allows to assess quickly and thoroughly the current state of the whole human body's energy, and then draw the right conclusions to recognize the risks and the causes of the disease.

What is the EWS NLS device for?

  • It detects the presence of various bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and monocytes, and detects whether these pathogens are active in the body.
  • It is suitable for personalized information products (those work like homeopathic remedies), as well as a frequency equalization treatment known as a methotherapy from the information medicine can be performed.
  • It is suitable for predicting possible abnormalities of homeostasis and characterization of the individual disease processes and identification of the most suitable diet and nutritional supplement vibration pattern for the person tested.

The EWS NLS is also proven in many other fields but the above-mentioned application areas are the ones that are most widely used. Based on the experience of users (physicians, natural therapists, product specialists ...), the application of these features can make the most positive change in people's lives.

EWS NLS Operation:

  1. The regulatory points in the structure of the midline oblongata reflect the fundamental vegetative processes in the body. The electrical activity of the brain vegetative structure is not directly measurable, therefore these brain formulas are activated by sound, electromagnetic vibrations (generated by binaural sensors in headphones) and by visual stimulation.
  2. Binaural sensors receive accurate information about the body of the person being tested and they detect the activity of the left and right hemispheres. The test method based on this information is called quantumentrophian biophysics or non-linear energy information test (NLS).
  3. Signs from the brain ( in the help of trigger sensors) are detected and then intensified and converted into digital code so that it is already possible to enter information into the computer in the form of information, and on the virtual anatomical diagram of the organ testing we indicates the processions of the test with the appropriate colors.

Six-point evaluation for the most accurate result

In the tests of the different organs patterns, we evaluate the state on a six-point scale, where each level corresponds to a certain degree of entropy, which means the degree of structural disorder and the degree of accumulation of energy deficiency.

For easier assessment, each level is marked with a geometric shape and colour. They reflect the state of health of the body, more specifically the different degrees of operational stress, as well as indications especially pathological or pathological lesions.

The efficiency of energy testing is supported by a huge database

The next stage of the rapid test involves the energetic test. This is based on the fact that the different vibration patterns stored in the computer's memory, the so-called etalon processes, are compared with the current information "freshly taken" by the person being examined.

The software allows you to approach energetic diagnosis in a variety of ways, including variance analysis, entropy analysis, multivariate or linear analysis, and graphical representation (the graphical representation of the virtual models of the illnesses is compared with the data that the person being received)

The test illuminates the body in a complex system

The program can not only analyze the entire body on anatomical and histological levels, but it also allows to examine the individual intersections of each organ and the interaction between them.

The closer the information from the person being tested to the virtual model of the disease is, the greater the accuracy and reliability of the results are.

Considering that out of the 6 symbols used by the program indicate 4 any of the state of operation, we can say that the device makes possible to detect the initial stages of pathological processes.

The health condition check also helps what to help

In the next section of the Health Check (Fast Test), you can choose with the help of the program from vibrational images of various products (allopathic, homeopathic, nutritional supplements, herbs).

The program specifies which of the products in the database may be the most suitable for improving the condition of the given organ.

How does it work?

In addition to the thousands of products stored in the software, you can test vibrations of any other form by placing the product in the magneto-optic chamber (external vegeto test). The biophysical NLS method is used to create so-called spectroscopes which contain vibrations images of the products they can affect the organ involved at information level.

A huge amount of stored statistics makes it easy to process information

The program provides a huge amount of statistical data concerning different nosology forms distribution of particular diseases according to particular ages and sexes. This allows us to retrieve and elaborate the basically important information even if we know only the gender and age of that patient.

Hardware-Software Units can be used efficiently by academics (Western), Alternative and Traditional Eastern and Chinese practitioners.

Where can the device be used?

There is a great advantage to the device that it is produced for home use (too). Additionally, in beauty salons and gyms, it adds a value that visitors will appreciate. In our wellness spas and in different or health care facilities, our EWS NLS device is like to be already operated.

Possible application areas of the EWS NLS:

  • assessment of the person's biophysical condition
  • multi-variant analysis of homeostasis, broken down by some systems and organs
  • biophysical evaluation of the functional and condition changes in the body
  • predicting the probability of potential illnesses (prognosis) in one year and five-year run
  • evaluation of the biological activity of the microflora
  • possible pathological evidence: the energetic presence and activity of diseases or pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.)
  • non-invasive analysis to give an insight into the unstable biochemical state of the blood
  • contains spectrograms of allergens, chemical or other contaminants
  • identifying the energy-information load in the body (aeropathic radiation, electro smog, computer, mobile phone, etc.)
  • offers the opportunity to define the individual treatment procedure and to select and prepare the most personalized electronic or "information product", ie spectronizer
  • it provides an opportunity to enter, store and store vibration patterns of non-database formulations of other companies and analyse the potential impact of a given product.