EWS Soft Laser

Blood is the source of health

Oxygen and nutrients are needed for the proper functioning of our body. Blood circulation plays a prominent role in the transmission of these and in the delivery of metabolic agents produced by organs.

Red blood cells supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the tissues made up the organs and then they absorb the carbon dioxide and other metabolic agents produced by the cells. The red blood cells, thanks to their shape and elasticity, are able to penetrate the smallest vessels (capillaries), thereby reach everywhere in the body.

They are pushed by their negative charge so they not only increase the blood flow rate but also are able to transport oxygen and nutrients without obstructing each other's movement.

Due to modern civilization harm, the sensitive inner surface of the 120,000-kilometer length of the  vascular structure may suffer from micro-injuries. As a result, inflammatory processes in the body can be started which is further exacerbated by the increased levels of oxidative-sensitive cholesterol (LDL) due to increased free radical level. Serious antioxidant deficiency and growing environmental stress "catalyze this process, which can have long-term consequences of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, and in severe cases, myocardial infarction and even stroke.

The development of diseases lasts longer than you would think ...

Did you think that the time when the first symptom appeared is not the same as the time of illness begins? Years, even decades can pass, without knowing what happening in your body even you cannot  suspect  how fierce  fights is in your organization!

As a result of harmful substances that accumulate in the blood, the surface of the red blood cells may change, forming a lipid layer on their surface, thus the elasticity and flow properties of the red blood cells change. Red blood cells as a result of changes on their surface cling to one another they form a "money coil" shape that is no longer able to transport oxygen and nutrients properly to the cells. Thus, the blood supply, oxygenation and nutrient supply of the area is worsened, resulting in altered metabolic processes, accumulation of excretory product of body and "acidification". These cell-level processes can lead to pathological working of organs and the development of chronic civilization diseases over decade or decades.

Our organization is constantly trying to defend us but it also comes the point it when it can no longer hold.

The EWS soft laser can help prevent the problem

The EWS Dual soft laser can help prevent and treat heart and cardiovascular diseases. It helps to fight with the chronic inflammatory diseases of our time, diseases of the circulatory system, diseases of the blood, diabetes, arthritis, headache, hay fever, immune system disorders and many other diseases.

Since mechanisms for the development of these diseases are known, it is especially important to use the EWS Softleser Technology as a preventively. The device emits its effect a low-intensity laser wavelength of 650 nm - this wavelength is the wavelength of red light - which is radiated with 3.4mW and 5mW power.

The EWS Dual Softlaser works through the nasal mucosa via the artery and Neugian acupuncture point or the nasal puncture.

Blood flow parameters in blood vessels can be improved by photochemical effects, it can increase oxygen binding capacity and shaping ability of red blood cells. This may reduce the excessive density of the blood, resulting in less shear force is generated at the vascular wall, which may reduce arterial tensions and the formation of damaging effects. Healthy capillary circulation (microcirculation) provides many nervous endings with oxygen and nutrients essential for metabolism.


EWS Softlaser can improve stress-tolerant ability, as well as sleep disorders and digestive system problems.

Through the nasal capillary network we can reach the vasculature of the two main arteries of the skull, simultaneously we can manage the vascular system inside and outside of the skull. Through the capillaries, the 650 nm length of laser light is free through the bloodstream in which the red blood cells hemoglobin are absorbed, through the effect is exerted as previously process referred.

Optimum blood circulation can alleviate complaints from many circulatory disorders:

  • cerebral circulatory disorders
  • hay fever
  • Inosmia
  • unpleasant symptoms of nasal congestion;

may be reduced by adequate blood circulation:

  • the tinnitus
  • skin and hemorrhagic injuries are also likely to improve
  • nervous complaints can also be alleviated


What happens in the cells by the effect of this laser light?

Laser light properties make it possible to induce and stimulate biochemical processes in the living organism's cells. More simply: everything is depend on the health level of the cells, all our organs and our entire body can only be healthy if the metabolism of the cells is clear.

In inflammatory, painful areas hypoxia at the cellular level, oxygen hypoxia and acidosis, i.e. acidic range pH occurs. Thus, softlaser therapy can stimulate cell metabolism and oxygenation through activation of the breathing chain within the cells, thereby causing a pH increase (or normalization) and the circulation of the organ can thus improve, pain and consequent muscle spasm may be reduced.


The biological effects of the Softlaser:

  • can help cell regeneration
  • can reduce inflammation
  • can stimulate the functioning of the immune system
  • can improve circulation
  • can help the nutrition of cells.

Clinical Effects of the Softlaser:

  • pain relief
  • oedema decrease
  • accelerating wound healing and bone healing
  • reduce muscle tension.

There is no musculoskeletal complaints where the softlaser would not be used with high efficacy without side effects, even if other electrotherapy is cannot applied. This may include all acute and chronic arthritis, osteoarthritis pain, osteoporosis back pain, muscle pain (myalgia, fibromyalgia), soft tissue disorders (tennis elbow, PHS, tendon sheath), ankle cased by flat foot, heel spurs.

The pains caused by scleroderma degeneration are becoming more common in younger age groups (lumbago, lumboischialgia) - experience shows that the softlaser therapy is complemented with has medicines, homeopathy and ear acupuncture operation can be avoided.

Benefits of Softlaser Therapy:

  • painless
  • significantly shorten healing time
  • it can be effective in the case of other ineffective therapies or in the case of contraindicated
  • can be combined with other therapies
  • metal implants (e.g. TEP) and patients with a pacemaker can also be treated
  • free of side effects

It is important to know that the therapist cannot be treated with the laser dyed mole area in the fungal area of the thyroid, in the breast area, in the area of malignant tumor. It is also forbidden to treat in the case of feverishness of unknown origin and during pregnancy in the lower abandon and lower lumbar spine.

It is always necessary to Investigate the underlying cause of complaints!

In order to maintain the results continuously, it is recommended to use the device regularly! Lifestyle change in other words the right nutrition and fluid intake, as well as the regular physical activity and environmental harm reduction as much as possible, are indispensable to preserve the effect.


bleeding disorders, pregnancy / menstruation, direct irradiation of the eye, irradiation of the eye's eyelid, carcinoma and malignancies, untreated epilepsy,  direct irradiation of the thyroid gland and neck, severe blood loss, medicines that inhibit the immune system, pacemakers, under 14 years of age, photosensitivity - caused by congenital or medication.


  1. Do not look directly at the beam of the optical device.
  2. Children can only use the device under parental supervision.
  3. For elderly and sensitive patients, short-term and low-intensity treatment is recommended at the beginning of therapy. As the body becomes accustomed with treatment, the intensity can be increased. Use 1-2 times per day, occasionally for 30 minutes.
  4. During the treatment period, the effectiveness of the diet can be improved by doing the proper exercise.
  5. Use only the special charger supplied.
  6. The nose pad should be replaced if more people use the device. After disinfection, the topping can be reused.
  7. You must not reduce the prescribed therapies and dosage of the medicine without your doctor's permission!

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