EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device + EWS Pulsating Magnetic Mattress

Gentle, painless and effective therapy with the benefits of traditional Chinese and Western medicine

The EWS frequency therapy and the pulsating magnet device were developed  some centured ago by the Chinese therapists,  therapies based on the principle of magnetism and  researcher, engineers’ persistent work made possible develop.

What exactly is this?

The combination of the therapeutics based on the principle of magnetism discovered by Chinese therapists a few millennia ago and the discovery of discoveries made by physicians and engineers of magnetotherapy.

EWS frequency therapy and pulsating magnet-based mattresses go beyond the present-day technology and provide insight into the future-leading beauty and health premium wellness devices. Into those devices that knowledge written down based on more millennia of Chinese medicine and the possibilities offered by the most up-to-date computers and electronics are combined.

Software-driven EWS frequency therapy and magnetic mattress,  (bodytreatment) make it not only effective but surprisingly compact and easy to use. It is therefore recommended for natural therapists, therapists, wellness centers and home use.

The essential of the operating principle

Quantum Resonance - Information as a Healing Power

Healthcare is constantly developing. Thanks to the technical achievements, not only the signals emitted by our body some equipment are capable of receiving, but also they can communicate with our organism through quantum resonance, so that cells can be stimulated to function properly.

Our organization is made up of billions of cells that vibrate in typical way. However, due to various external factors, these vibrations may be often changed, resulting  illnesses. Molecular changes appear first in the cells and  a longer period  may elapse (several years) until the alteration is physically experienced. If the original vibration is restored, then physical illness can usually be healed. The cells can be stimulated for healthy functioning with properly selected magnetosphere and frequency.

In our awareness, it is also important for us to measure the vibrations precisely (e.g. with EWS Body Analyzer or with EWS NLS device) so in this way that disease can be prevented in time.


Why is the use of magnetic field and frequency therapy are nowadays recommended?

Nowadays, we live in a world where the factors that have been detrimental to our health have multiplied. Our environment is polluted, the weather is getting more extreme, and our lifestyle is not always perfect either. Hurry and stress characterize our lifestyle. This, unfortunately, is a peculiar feature of our decade. In the numerous of our tasks, we do not have enough time to do sports and we do not always keep in mind the proper fluid intake or proper nutrition. Regular use of different medications, smoking and alcohol consumption also have a negative impact on our body, but the effects of electro-smog should not be forgotten as we are surrounded by virtually all electrical appliances in our lives that emit harmful radiation to our body.

How does the EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device Work?

The parameters of the resonance frequencies pre-programmed into the device (frequency, intensity, amplitude) result of are several years of research. This process has enabled the creation of a therapeutic device that can stimulate or trigger the self-regeneration and self-healing mechanisms of the body by influencing the body's most basic bioinformatics processes.

It can improve regeneration ability, reduce environmental and health effects, and can be used as an additional treatment to certain diseases. In fact, the disease means that the body vibration state (energy state, frequency originator) has changed, the balance is disrupted. This vibration state can be set back to the appropriate balance level by using the EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device.

How can we do this?

There are basically two ways:

  1. In one of the cases where the apparent causes of the disease are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and in short, some organism, a microorganism that disturbs the balance of the human body. If the human body is treated with an appropriate frequency, these frequencies selectively, specifically or suppress frequency-susceptible pathogens or parasites.
    The pathogen or parasite is an energy that has so-called. harmonic vibrations. If they are stimulated by these harmonic vibrations, they are induced, the amplitude of their own vibrations (the vibration energy) increases so much that the parasitic mechanical tolerance is exceeded and it destroys it.
  2. In the second case, it's about the overturned energy balance by a certain body function changes which makes the process of diseases start. If this is the case, we "tune back" the body to its own - healthy functioning frequency, then the body can function again normally. For better clarity, we would live with a simile. When tuning to the frequency of a particular station using radio frequency button, the music from the radio is clear and enjoyable. if the receiver differs from the “healthy frequency”, then we can hear noisy noises, crackles even nothing. You then have to reset the receiver to the specified frequency and listen to the music again.

How does the EWS Pulse Magnetic Mattress Work?

"Magnetic energy is an elemental energy that is dependent upon the whole life of all terrestrial organismsMagnetic energy is an elemental energy that is dependent upon the whole life of all terrestrial organisms“

Prof. Werner Heisenberg is the Nobel Prize for Scientific Foundations in PhysicsProf. Werner Heisenberg is the Nobel Prize for Scientific Foundations in Physics

Do you know?

  • Without the magnetic space, life would cease
  • The magnetic field has dropped by half over the past 500 years
  • The body's oxygen deficiency helps the development of the disease

With the use:

  • the oxygen supply of our body may increase
  • your blood pressure may be normalized
  • can alleviate our allergies
  • the metabolism of our cells can improve (detoxification)
  • our energy levels can increase
  • we can have a more relaxing sleep
  • regenerate bone and chondrocytes
  • strengthen the immune system, accelerate wound healing
  • can increase stress tolerance and strengthen the nervous system
  • metabolic and blood supply may improve, heart rhythm may normalize
  • it has a hair loss, it can improve the functioning of respiratory muscles
  • the effects of a 10-minute treatment may suit 60 minutes of normal exercise
  • it is also useful in sports as a warm-up, for endurance and performance enhancement
  • children can use it as pain and side effects free treatment

Treatment with a magnetic field can support the body's own defense system and self-healing control.. 

It can bring good results in injury, fractures, inflammation and rheumatic diseases. In the case acute and chronic pain can also be a great help.


With magnetic field therapy, the metabolism may revitalize, blood supply may improve, cells may have more oxygen, and heavier toxins can be excreted in the body.

 It is therefore very important to note that when using the device, it is recommended to use good quality water so it helps to remove the roughage materials from the body!

The magnetic field can improve microcirculation in the capillaries, thus improving the body's oxygen supply.

Treatments can promise good results as a separate and complementary treatment, with in the case many chronic illnesses such as stroke, migraine, forehead and maxillary problems, sleep disorders, tinnitus, rheumatism, back pain, discontent, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, circulatory disorders, allergies joint and cartilage disorders, diabetes mellitus, stomach problems, blood pressure problems, nervous system complaints, etc., without any side effects!


Because of the operation of the electromagnetic field, those who have pacemakers, insulin pumps or any implanted electrical equipment, epilepsy, schizophrenia, acute bleeding and fever! During menstruation treatment should be paused and then it can continue.

EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device + The structure of the EWS Pulsed Magnetic Mattress:

  • Computer-based control unit based on an Android system with built-in software (a variety of healthcare generating equipment)
  • a computer-based control unit based on the Android system, with built-in software (a device for healthcare generating frequency ranges)
  • Body treatment (mattress for the whole body irradiation)

The software includes the frequencies of the following areas:

  • Brain and nerves
  • allergens
  • skin
  • bone Diseases
  • bone Density
  • Depression
  • DNS regeneration
  • overweight
  • Endocrine System (Selection)
  • Pancreas
  • Physical state
  • Masculinity
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • chakras
  • Pancreatic Function
  • Immune system
  • Candida
  • Liver function
  • Heavy metals
  • Gynecology
  • parasites
  • Prostate
  • Rheumatoid bone diseases
  • Stress
  • eye Function
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Tinitusz
  • Toxins - toxins
  • lung Function
  • kidney Function
  • blood sugar
  • Wellness and even near 1980 therapeutic program ...

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