EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device

Nicola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors who ever lived, who is known to establish with his work the elecrotechnics is still used nowadays he suggested to future generations in the 1800's that we should think in vibrations and frequencies if we want to find the secrets of the universe. Since Nicola Tesla it has been known for many people, the fact that the whole universe vibrates and every part of it has its own characteristic vibrations, including the human body, individual organs, organ systems, tissues and cells.

Today's rushing world, poisons, electrical equipment, phones, computers, all affect our vibrations, naturally in the negative way. Our EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device has been designed to help optimize these vibrations and bioinformation.


How does the EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device Work?

The parameters of the resonance frequencies pre-programmed into the device (frequency, intensity, amplitude) are the result of several years of research.

This process has enabled the creation of a therapeutic device that can stimulate or trigger the self-regeneration and self-healing mechanisms of the body by influencing the body's most basic bioinformatics processes.


It can improve regenerative capacity, reduce environmental and health effects, and can be used as an  additional treatment to certain diseases

 A disease actually means that the body's vibration state (energy state, frequency originator) has changed, the balance is disrupted. This vibration state can be set back to the appropriate balance level by using the EWS Professional Frequency Therapy Device.


How can we do this?

There are basically two ways:

  1. In one of the cases where the apparent causes of the disease are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and in short, some organism, a microorganism that disturbs the balance of the human body. If the human body is treated with the appropriate frequency, these frequencies selectively, targeted exterminate or suppress frequency-sensitive pathogens, parasites. The pathogen or parasite is also an energy that has so-called. harmonic vibrations. If they are stimulated by these harmonic vibrations, they are induced, the amplitude of their own vibrations (the vibration energy) increases.

  2. In the second case, it's about the inbalanced energy balance by a certain body function changes which makes the process of illness start. If this is the case, we "tune back" the body to its own - healthy functioning frequency, then the body can function again normaly. For better clarity, we would live with a simile. When tuning to the frequency of a particular station using radio frequency button, the music from the radio is clear and enjoyable. If the receiver differs from the ”healthy frequency”, then we can hear noisy noises, crackles even nothing. You then have to reset the receiver to the specified frequency and listen to the music again.

The History of Frequency Therapy

JR Royal Raymond Rife made a super-sensitive microscope that it helped to be able used  to examine organisms, live microbes live in color and high resolution. Today's electron microscopes are still unable to do the same. During his research, he discovered that each of the pathogens could be vulnerable with a specific frequency-irradiation, while untreated areas and cells would remain perfectly intact. For years he made various dangerous viruses and bacteria do their "deadly dance" and found in the case of more than 50 pathogens with the absolute precision the frequency at which they were simply killed.


How does frequency therapy work?

According to Oriental medicine with many millennia traditions, man, objects, in short, are all of energy. Einstein's greatest physicist had the same opinion.

The pathogens / parasites are also built from energy

Each cell, tissue, organ has a "personalized" vibration. Therefore, if, for example, it can be indentified a parasite vibration, this boost will gradually increase the own vibration of the amplitude, which at the end will simply die, and the body expels itself without risk through metabolism.

Frequency therapy is now recognized by the Association of Hungarian Naturopaths

Over time, the therapeutic possibilities of frequency therapy could be less and less concealed, and even though there were years when it was almost gone, but today's information society and hi-tech technology raised it to a level that Royal Raymond Rife could only dream in his own life. Many countries have already officially recognized the effectiveness of frequency therapy.

What does it means summarized in one sentence? We can assume that frequency therapy is able help human body in non-invazív way without side effects.


The Energy Wave System's professional frequency therapy device stores a lot of viruses, bacteria, microbes, and organisms accurately a user with the help of the device, with the right frequency, even destroys these pathogens or "tunes" living organism we want to be protected.

The role of EWS body analyzer

The Energy Wave System offers a complete system. In order that the EWS professional frequency therapy device can work really effective way,  before its usage with the help of the EWS body analyzer can be  revealed  and identified the possible causes behind the disease, which ones may not be detected by symptoms or by traditional diagnostic methods.

One of the major advantage of EWS  body analyzer that it can draw attention in time  for potential pathogens, deficiency diseases, and the necessary supplement (e.g. vitamins, minerals, amino-acids etc.) for our organization. It can also light up complicated, emotional  causing illness and lack of information behind organ problems.


It is connected to everything in our body

All changes in our organization correlate with each level of our body (structural, biochemical, energy, information), so it is no wonder that changes at the information level can also trigger changes at other levels.

If the cause of a disease is primarily at the information level, such as a severe mental disorder or a chronic illness that is not apparently detectable (such as allergies, tumors), the EWS frequency therapy device can produce excellent results.

The role of mental health is far more important than it has been thought previously.

Starting from the fact that the most commonly occurring civilization diseases in our world are often psychosomatic, then we can learn that, therefore we can influence this, we can target almost every disease.

Today's scientific, "Newtonian physics" approach completely ignores the psychological / psychological factors which play role in the development of the disease. This area is often through a generally penetrating lack of information, and the therapeutic opportunities fail in many cases.

Body and soul ... the two good friends

Psychosomatics term refers to the unity of body and soul, and also examines social interactions in the formation procession and treatment of human diseases.

In traditional Eastern philosophy, this is not a novelty. Energy therapies known in Far East  energetic medicine in some respects make balancing in the body's energy field and thus revert to the rest of the body areas and its levels, possibly triggering self-regenerative self-healing mechanisms.


The results speak for themselves

Knowing the research results of the past decades, we can boldly say that our thoughts have a much greater impact on our lives than our biochemical or energetic operations. All of our actions are preceded by a certain flow of information in our brain, and in fact we move our energies with our thoughts and emotions. (Bruce Lipton, an epigenetic cell biologist, we hear a lot about this in his material and books.)

The keyword is the information block

We are constantly talking about energy blocks, and we almost never think of information blocks, but it is the same case in low energy level - insufficient information or incompatible energy - non-matching, parallels of information in. We like to qualify, label, energy: good, bad, high, low, concentrated, missing or intense.

These distinctions could also be applied to information.

As there are different forms of energy, the information must also have different forms. Accordingly, information medicine can be defined as the science how to replace missing information, how to remove information blocks, or how outdated information can be extracted from the system.


The EWS frequency therapy device sends vibrations and information to the adequate location

At Energy Wave System, we believe that prevention, body analysis and frequency therapy cannot be used separately, but they can work together to maximize efficiency.

Our frequency therapy equipment can provide you with the most accurate information about the human body at the right time, if we reveal the condition of a body with the EWS body analyzer or EWS 3D NLS. Based on the results of the analyzes, the most effective treatment program can be easily defined and adjusted.


The most popular uses of Frequency Treatment:

  • allergies, especially food and pollen allergy
  • chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis)
  • chronic gastrointestinal disorders (reflux, absorption disorders)
  • inflammatory diseases of the colon
  • addictions (alcohol, nicotine, drugs)
  • immune weakness
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • auxiliary treatment of tumor diseases
  • pain Relief
  • locomotor disorders
  • Detoxification (healing of liver and kidneys or lymph circulation)
  • gynecological diseases (menstrual disorders, infertility)
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • hormonal disorders
  • acceleration of injuries and post-accident regeneration
  • surgical pretreatment and post-treatment
  • prevention of energy deficiencies ...

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