About us

Energy Wave System: in the service of prevention and fuller life

One of the greatest failures of our time is that, despite the evolving medicine, the health of society and civilization are constantly declining dramatically.

Modern medical diagnostic methods give a very accurate picture of the present state of the human body but because of their specific fields of use they are not suitable for complex mapping of processes in the body.

The Energy Wave System (EWS) has set the goal based on the most modern biophysical research to give solutions with the help of both diagnostic devices and the most modern complementary therapeutic systems to maintain people's health.

Our main profile is to design, manufacture and distribute of Low Power Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Small and High Intensity Frequency Therapy and NLS (NonLinear Diagnostic System) Bioresonance Systems. Our products have been awarded the recommendation of the  Association of Hungarian Naturopaths.


Our goal is to improve quality of the life in human

Our devices allow you to assess your exact health condition and you can maintain your health with our therapeutic devices. Our wide range of products, which is free from side effects, can be provide solution for everyone.

Using our special and high quality education system, we have possibility to give personalized advice for tested person. We can disclose processes in human body so by the right therapeutic option we can help health problems of the people.

Our principle is to combine ancient Oriental medicine with the biophysical tools of the modern age in such a way that imperfection states are detected more accurate and early and be feasible personalized health preservation solutions.

We work with several excellent and recognized specialists, pharmacist  and natural healers who, through experience, combine the skills of our equipment successfully with academic medicine, complementary medicine,  as well ass nutrition and lifestyle counseling to the great satisfaction of their patients.

Learn the knowledge of our devices, be part of our educational programs and take your health in your own hands!

"Nothing is smarter, more creative and more powerful than our self-healing system ... - the only factor we're consistently ignoring."

- Deepak Chopra –